CNFM co-director Mathias Schubert named Fellow of the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden, Germany

Donna Kunkel wins 2014 Nottingham Prize

Angela Pannier featured on the
NSF Science 360 weekly e-news bulletin

Erika Pfaunmiller nominated for Young Investigator award

Ming Han promoted to Associate Professor

2014 Awards and Scholarships announced

Alexander Sinitskii
receives Harold and Esther Edgerton Junior Faculty Award

Rebecca Lai named Susan J. Rosowski Associate Professor of Chemistry

CNFM Co-director Pat Dussault recognized with CAS Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award

Alexander Sinitskii's team develops chemical solution for graphene challenges

Philipp Kühne and Alex Boosalis awarded the 2013 Ellipsometry Focus Topic Award at AVS

GeekGirlCon in Seattle features Raychelle Burks' DIY Science Zone

Rebecca Lai presents 'Sunday with a Scientist'

Angela Pannier earns CAREER award

Eva Franke Schubert and Angela Pannier have been granted tenure and been promoted to associate professor

The work of CNFM is featured on the NSF Science 360 weekly e-news bulletin

New Nebraska EPSCoR website highlight: Mathias Schubert and the CNFM are creating new biosensors

International Innovation magazine features Mathias Schubert's article

Students present posters at EPSCoR External Review Panel meeting August 15, 2012

David Hage's
research instrumental in developing technology for new brain injury diagnostic tool

Rebecca Lai
gives "Sunday with a Scientist" presentation

Welcome to Rafal Korlacki, CNFM Core Facility Director

Brian Rodenhausen wins 2012-13 Mohr Fellowship

CNFM students present posters and win at 2012 UNL Research Affair

David Hage
named James Hewett University Professor of Chemistry

Mathias Schubert receives tenure and is promoted to full professor

Rebecca Lai  receives tenure and is promoted to associate professor

Alex Boosalis
and Mathias Schubert co-author an article on Graphene Growth in Journal of Physics Condensed Matter Lab-Talk

CNFM co-director Mathias Schubert gives invited presentations in the UK and in Germany

Mathias Schubert  named a Fellow of the American Physical Society

Schoeche, Schmidt, and Rodenhausen are Award Winners at 2011 AVS Meeting in Nashville TN

CNFM featured in the 2010-11 Annual Report of the UNL Office of Research and Economic Development

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The Center for Nanohybrid Functional Materials (CNFM) includes nineteen investigators from six Nebraska colleges and universities. CNFM targets the discovery and exploitation of new sensing principles based upon the combination of 3-D ordered nanostructures and chemical or biochemical sensing elements. Research within CNFM is focused within three complementary and mutually supporting clusters, and includes the acquisition of specialized instrumentation for a developing core facility.

Cluster 1, Nanohybrid Fabrication, focuses on preparation of highly ordered spatially coherent 3-D nanostructures, their hybridization with chemical or biological sensing elements, and their immobilization or inclusion within polymer matrices.

Cluster 2, Nanohybrid Characterization and New Sensing Principles, focuses on new characterization and sensing principles based on unique properties of the nanohybrids, including techniques based upon Terahertz to UV ellipsometry.

Cluster 3, Molecular Interactions within Nanohybrid-based devices, focuses on potential sensing and separation applications based on molecular interactions within nanohybrid-based devices.